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Patrick Jones - Course author
MEET Melanie Olivarria
Women's Wellness Athlete and lifestyle trainer
My name is Melanie Olivarria.
I am 24 years old born and raised in San Diego Ca.
I am an Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma Cancer Survivor, had a heart transplant at 5 years old, and at my young age I am the CEO of War House Gym San Diego. As well as being an ISSA certified personal trainer for over 4 years starting with training army soldiers inside the MWR fitness facilities to lifestyle and bodybuilding programs.
Health and Fitness has always been extremely vital in my life with so many health complications at such a young age. I have been an athlete for over 8 years now. I began my fitness lifestyle by forcing my cardiologist and endocrinologist to sign the waiver for me to join the wrestling and cross-country team. I ended my last season winning the CIF Championships in San Diego for Wrestling and placed 17th in the state of California. My wrestling coaches encouraged us to take the weight lifting class and that’s where I fell in love with strength training and I knew I wanted to be better each year. Fast forward a few years I was introduced into Bodybuilding and have been growing my physique the past 4-5 years and have competed in Wellness Bodybuilding. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had through finding War house Gym which have allowed me to develop myself as an entrepreneur and wellness athlete. At War House I have been able be a part of all the amazing innovations being designed and built for the fitness industry. Our War House Training Platform will allow you to learn new exercises from our full workout catalog divided in muscle groups. As well as follow along for Daily Workouts including strength, conditioning and mobility programs from my current prep for Wellness Competition coming up May 4th at NPC Southwest USAs in Dallas Texas.
Let’s Train together and fucking send it!